A Detailed Look At Direct Vapor Coupons

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, Direct Vapor is today one of the most popular companies in the vaping space. The company offers its clients high-quality vaping products and accessories including starter kits, batteries, and electronic cigarettes. Moreover, the company claims to offer the most advanced vape mods in the market. The company also runs a robust affiliate program that offers affiliate marketers an opportunity to earn money by promoting Direct Vapor products available at DirectVapor.com. With that in mind, here is a detailed look at Direct Vapor.


Affordable Products

Direct vapor provides vaping kits and accessories at highly competitive prices without compromising on quality. By working with reputable manufacturers of vape products, Direct Vapor is able to offer quality products at an affordable price. In fact, the company has the lowest price guarantee. This means that if you purchase a product from Direct Vapor and find the same product being offered by a competitor at a lower price, Direct Vapor would be willing to match the competitor’s price or refund you the difference if you have already completed the purchase.

Saving Money with Coupons

You can use the latest Direct Vapor coupons and deals to maximize your savings. Direct Vapor has a resource known as vape stuff that provides exclusive coupon codes. According to the company’s recent review, customers save between 5% and 20% with these coupon codes. Direct Vapor features a ‘Deal of the Week’ vaping kit and the latest and fastest trending e-liquids on the market, among others. For instance, some of the Direct Vapor coupon offers in 2017 include Exclusive Direct Vapor Coupon, Direct Vapor Coupon for Starter Kits, Direct Vapor Coupon for E Liquid and Direct Vapor Coupon for Deal of the Week. Additionally, the company runs seasonal promotions such as Direct Vapor Coupon for Easter, Direct Vapor Coupon for Valentine’s Day, and Direct Vapor Coupon for Father’s Day.

Original Products

Direct Vapor is committed to providing original products from reputable manufacturers. Examples of such brands include Kanger, Joyetech, and Sigelei. This is particularly important because original products that meet the industry’s standards are generally safer to use. For instance, certified mods are less likely to explode compared to uncertified mods.

Full Disclosure

Apart from providing high-quality products, Direct Vapor prides itself in providing valuable information to both its existing and potential customers. For instance, Direct Vapor publishes a full disclosure of the main e-liquid ingredients, including Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl, on its website. Such information helps vapers make an informed decision when shopping for e-liquids.

Free Shipping With Direct Vapor Coupons

Direct Vapor offers free shipping on all domestic orders with no restrictions on minimum products. The company also offers free shipping within the 15-day money back period in case you need to return something or make a warranty claim. What’s more, Direct Vapor offers same-day shipping for orders placed before or at 12 PM EST. This means that you can receive your order within 48 hours from the time you place it. Of course, quick turnaround times make the shipping experience cheaper and convenient for customers.

Online Promotions For Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor runs a ‘Deal of the Week’ online promotion that allows vapers to purchase vape kits at huge discounts — up to 40%. Such promotions allow customers to redeem their coupons for vape kits and related accessories.

60-day Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most of Direct Vapor products carry a 60-day manufacturer warranty. This warranty does not cover cartomizers, e-liquids, cartomizers and atomizer heads for sanitary and hygiene purposes. It is important to note that you would need to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from the company before you can send back your product for replacement. Direct Vapor will require you to return the defective item for replacement within 20 days of receiving your RMA number. The company caters for the shipping charges both ways.

15-Day Return Policy

Direct Vapor offers a 15-day return policy in case you receive the wrong order or you wish to change your order. However, this policy applies
only to unopened items. Again, the company pays for the all the shipping costs incurred and does not charge restocking fees.

Affiliate Program

The company runs a global affiliate program. To join this program, you have to contact the company with your marketing plan, including the sites where you intend to market the company’s products. Affiliates earn 10% of each sale they generate on DirectVapor.com and the company pays its affiliates monthly provided they hit the set targets. Top affiliates may also get sample orders for review purposes.

Conclusion On Direct Vapor & Coupons

One of the things that make Direct Vapor popular with vapers is its lowest price guarantee, which ensures vapers get the best bargains on vaping kits and accessories. Besides that, the company also offers free shipping on all domestic orders irrespective of the order size. What’s more, clients who place their orders by 12 PM EST get same-day delivery. On the warranty front, Direct Vapor has a 60-day manufacturing warranty on select items to cater for factory defects. This warranty covers shipping charges both ways. Additionally, the company offers a 15-day return policy for wrong orders.