E-Cig Guide To Help You Make Successful Transition To Vaping

Cigarette smoking is no longer fashionable like it was in the 80s mainly because of the negative health effects and the odor that attach to everything from clothes to other personal accessories. If you are trying to quit cigarette smoking for these two reasons, you are the perfect candidate for electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are alternative smoking devices to cigarettes that allow smokers to enjoy smoking without the odor and harmful effects of chemicals that come with the traditional cigarettes. The main reason why cigarettes smoke smells bad is because it contains the properties of burning tar, chemicals and tobacco that make smoke cling to almost everything it gets into contact with from clothing to furniture, hair, and walls among others.

On the contrary, e-cigs do not contain the ominous odor mainly because instead of exhaling smoke, you will be exhaling a vapor that evaporates almost instantly leaving a non-existent or a better smell than that of the traditional cigarettes. E-cigs are also safer and healthier than the traditional cigarettes. Smoking cigarette is usually the main cause of most wildfires a risk that is totally neutralized by e-cigarettes because they do not contain an open flame. Furthermore, e-cigs have been associated with better health conditions among people who switch from the traditional cigarettes that contain ingredients that can cause many harmful conditions such as lung cancer, heart attack, throat cancer and stroke among others.

Another reason that is pushing most cigarette smokers towards e-cigs is the social impacts of the traditional cigarettes. The society perception of cigarette smoking has changed due to the many negative effects such as health consequences, smell and health care costs resulting in regulations that govern where you can smoke. In most countries, cigarette smoking is banned in public places, which makes e-cigs a necessary alternative as it enables you to smoke without worrying about smoking regulations.

Getting started on e-cigs

If you have made up your decision to transition from cigarette smoking to e-cigs, you must choose the ideal option from the lots of options available on the market. For beginners, the first decision is to choose between a standard e-cigarette and a personal vaporizer.

– Standard electronic cigarettes: The standard e-cigs are similar to the traditional cigarettes in shape, size, and weight in order to help smokers easily make a switch. They consist of three main parts that include a mouthpiece, a cartomizer, and a battery. They also have a LED light on the tip that resembles a light cigarette and pre-filled flavor cartridges. The challenges that you might encounter with the standard e-cigs include limited usage due to smaller tank and batteries and unclear cartridges that make it difficult to know when the e-cig is running out.

– Personal Vaporizers: Personal vaporizers do not have the looks of the traditional cigarettes but look more like a fountain pen. They consist of a mouthpiece, a larger battery than that of the standard e-cigs, and a clear tank in the center. The larger battery capacity ensures longer vaping while the refillable tank makes them cost effective. They are also easier to tell the level of the e-liquid and offer more e-liquid flavor options. Nevertheless, some of the personal vaporizers drawbacks include they are bulkier, they cost more upfront, they do not resemble normal cigarettes and they come with a spillage risk.

How to choose the best electronic cigarette

Your vaping experience will largely depend on the four key components of every electronic cigarette that include tanks, batteries, atomizer heads and e-liquid.

– Tank: The e-cigs tank works in direct correlation with the atomizer head and battery to heat up the e-liquid for the vapor that you inhale. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes enabling you to choose the one that addresses your vaping needs perfectly.

– Batteries: All electronic cigarettes require a battery to operate. Depending on the technology and the brand, you can find e-cigarettes with many battery options that include many sizes and capacities, manual operation or automatic, and rechargeable or disposable. Choosing a high capacity battery that is rechargeable is the ideal option as it guarantees longer vaping without additional costs.

– Atomizer: Atomizer is the functional part of an e-cig that heats up the e-liquid. More powerful atomizers result in higher nicotine levels, which may make it necessary to reduce the level of nicotine in your e-liquid.

– E-liquid: What you will be vaping is as important as what you will be using. The important aspects that you should consider when choosing e-liquid include nicotine, diluents, and flavoring.

For an easier successful transition, it is important to choose an e-cig that contains the same amount of nicotine as the original cigarette. Choosing a product with low nicotine may force you to inhale frequently to compensate the deficit.