E-juices Are The Soul Of Electronic Cigarettes

Most of us take pleasure enjoying the pleasures provided by latest electronic gadgets that change our life for the better, but we hardly say a word of praise about components that actually provides us with pleasure. Let us take the electronic cigarettes for example. They provide us with the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of smoking without the risks posed by the thousands of deadly chemical compounds contained in the smoke of traditional cigarettes. We relish flavors like strawberry, classical tobacco, mint, chocolate, and much more, but do we ever brag about the e-juices that offer us the opportunity to enjoy vaping (the process of inhaling and exhaling the vapor emitted by the e-cigs) because of the different flavors contained in the vapor.

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If this is not enough, the little cartridges containing a mixture of nicotine, water, glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavorings, also contains different concentrations of nicotine, the addictive ingredient in traditional cigarettes. In simple terms, if the battery, the sensor, and the heating coil are the body of the e-cig, the cartridges are its soul. While modern generation electronic cigarettes allow us with additional facilities like the option to alter its wattage and voltage, they too would be useless had it not been for the e-liquid, available in small plastic bottles, used to fill up their tanks. The quality of the e-juices plays an important role in determining the amount of vapor released by the e-cigs as well as providing us with the pleasure of nicotine and the taste provided by the flavors.

Understanding the components of the electronic cigarette
To understand the value of the e-liquid, we have to dissect the e-cig and understand the functioning of its different parts. Concisely, the e-cigarette contains two distinct parts: the power unit and the vaporizer. The power unit, as its name suggests, contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery that supplies power required to switch on the gadget. It also contains:
A light emitting diode that lights up while vaping the e-cigs, simulating the effect of the burning tip of the traditional cigarette
A miniature electronic circuit that provides the requisite quantity of voltage to the heating coil
A wind sensor, activated when the wind flows over it, that switches on the power supply

The vaporizer unit contains:
A coil made of metal mixed with additional metals that decrease its conductivity, making it a poor conductor of electricity. This causes it to heat up when the battery passes electricity through it.
A cartridge containing e-liquid, made of a mixture of various substances, housed inside the coil.

Activating the e-cig
The acting of dragging on the e-cigarette causes air to flow from its tip towards the vaporizer, activating the sensor, which powers on the battery, causing power to flow through the circuit board, which lights up the LED and provides power to the coil, heating it up in the process. The heat, transferred by conduction to the e-liquid cartridge heats the e-juices contained in it, vaporizing the same into a mixture of gasses containing flavored nicotine and water vapor. While the nicotine satisfies the cravings of the smoker, the water vapor simulates cigarette smoke. High-end models contain a tank for holding the e-liquid. It contains one or more heating coils located beneath it that heat up the liquid. The user has to refill the container with e-juice after the e-liquid inside it exhausts.

Purchasing the e-liquid
You can purchase e-juices from online stores. The type of e-liquid (refill bottles or cartridges) depends on the make of e-cig you are using. You should always purchase your requirements from a reputable online store that sells e-cigarettes and its accessories. This ensures that you do not end up purchasing fake liquids that do not contain the nicotine strength or flavor mentioned as mentioned on their website. Some of the different flavors of e-juices available include:
• Almond coconut bar
• Cured tobacco
• Peppermint
• Fresh alpine
• Chocolate
• Strawberry
• Banana cream
• Flaming peach
• Pomegranate
• Plum
• Daquiri
• Caramel
• Clove
• Cola
• Sweet strawberry
• Sweet tea

This is just a small list of flavors available. Most of them are available in bottles as well as cartridges. The strength of nicotine in e-juices is measured in mg/ml (milligram per milliliter) and ranges from `0′ (no nicotine… ideal for those who want to give up smoking) to as high as 42 mg/ml. If you have just started taking e-cigs, opt for something in the range of 6 mg/ml. Heavy smokers should opt for e-liquid that contains 12 mg/ml.